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Business & Investment Opportunities

Small Airplane

Investment Opportunity 

Company Type: Private Island

Asking Price: $18,000,000

Location: Grenada

Status: Available


Business For Sale

Company Type: Defense Contractor Manufacturing

(Currently Under Contract) 

Asking Price: $9,250,000

Revenue: $6,028,447

EBITDA: $1,232,264

Real Estate: Yes

Location: Maryland

Status: Available


Investment Opportunity 

Investment Type: Duplex House Renovation Project 

Investment Requested: $320,000

After Repair Value: $415,000

Projected ROI: 20%

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Status: Available - Developer has multi renovation projects in Maryland that will take 3-6 months to rehab and to sell the property completely.

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Business For Sale

Company Type: Government Contracting Management/IT Services

Asking Price: $18,500,000

Revenue: $22,206,562

Real Estate: Yes

Location: Virginia

Status: Available


Investment Opportunity 

Company Type: Sports Agency 

Investment Request : $2,500,000

ROI: 15-20% /4 years

Value: $3,000,000

Use of Funds: Expand Business 

Location: Atlanta, Ga


Ocean Front Property

Purchase Price: $10,000,000 

Location: Brazil 

Real Estate: Yes

This location is ideal for a condominium, beachhouses or an exuberant mansion .

Investment Opportunity 


Investment Opportunity 

Investment Type: Golf Resort / Condo Redevelopment 

Investment Requested$130,000,000

Current Property Value$90,000,000

After Repair Value: $215,000,000

Use Of Funds: Renovate the Lobby Renovation, add 445 Guest rooms Hotel (Marriott Partnership) 292 Condo Units, Amenities 

Location: South Florida 

Kids in Preschool

Investment Opportunity 

Fintech Company

Investment Requested: $2,000,000

Projected ROI: 20%

Project Description: Expansive national global B2B educational platform that nurtures startups, emerging businesses, and tech ventures by integrating SaaS, AI and FinTech elements.  

Location: Dallas, TX

Business For Sale

(Under Contract)

Business Type: Early Childhood Learning Center

Purchase Price: $220,000

Revenue: $140,000

Seller’s Discretionary Earnings: $50,000

Location: Baltimore, MD

Business & Investment Opportunities


Investment Opportunity 

Multi Family 103 Unit (11 Buildings) Portfolio

Purchase Price: $19,500,000

Location: Central Miami

Revenue: $2,410,800

NOI: $1,666,464

Cap Rate: 8.55%


Investment Opportunity 

Turnkey Mixed Use Property 

Purchase Price: $11,800,000

Revenue: $698,340

NOI: $426,552

Occupancy: 100% 

Location: New York (Midtown, Manhattan


Investment Opportunity 

Mixed Use  Residential & Commercial Development 

Funding Request: $3,000,000

Use of Funds : Pre Construction Cost

ROI: 20 - 25% 

Location: California 


Investment Opportunity 

Exclusive Investment Opportunity

7 Townhouses Development

Purchase Price: $900,000

Location: Florida

Zoning: RM-15 / 3000 Multi-Family / General

(Approved Plans)

Modern Luxury Home

Investment Opportunity 

200 Acres Mixed Use Development Project

Funding Request: $319,000,000

ROI: 20% - 30% 

Project Description: Luxury Homes, Townhouses and Apartments and Retail Space. 

Fully zoned, entitled and shovel ready. 

Location: West Palm, Florida

(Under Contract)

Shared Image.png

Investment Opportunity 

Project Type: Pediatric Medical Day Care Startup 

Requested Amount: $120,000

Use of Funds: Equity Injection 

Projected Income: $3,525,443

Projected Net Income: $658,000

Pre-Approved Loan Amount: $986,880 

Terms: 12-18 Months

ROI: 20%


Investment Opportunity 

Investment Requested: $2,000,000

Project Type: 63 Unit Affordable Housing / Rehab / Workforce Development

After Repair Value: $28,800,000

Financing Approved: The Amazon Housing Equity Fund (HEF)

IRR: 15%

Term: 3-5 Term (paid annually)

Location: Washington, DC


Government Private Security 

Sale Price: $10,000,000

Revenue: $9,800,000

EBITDA: $2,000,000

Sellers Discretionary Earnings: $350,000

Location: Washington, DC

Business For Sale

Shared Image 2.png

Investment Opportunity 

Requested Amount: $2,000,000

Business Type: Private Lender /  Cash Advance Company

Collateral: $3,800,000 in Receivables 

ROI: 15%

Terms: 18 - 24 Months

Location: New Jersey

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